Outdoor Dining Room Inspiration

As the first day of summer approaches, I'm continuing my daydreams of warm summer days and outside living.  Here are a few of my favorite outdoor dining rooms, starting with our "under the mulberry tree in Asti" dining room from 4 years ago.
We have enjoyed many an alfresco meal here with family and friends.

One of my favorite outdoor dining rooms belongs to Penelope Bianchi in Montecito.
I love the aged, rustic table, vintage turquoise chairs and of course the gravel.
I'm wondering where the chickens are?

And here is Penelope's dining room ready for an evening meal.
Isn't it romantic?

Another oh-so-romantic dining room set under a curtained, sheltered area.
No need for Sunbrella fabrics here.  The sweet floral and lace fabrics will be just fine!

A lovely alfresco lunch is served under this romantic pergola.
I love the lantern and fireplace, ready to take this meal into the evening with light and warmth.

I love this burlap draped table and the mis-matched chairs pulled from inside for this Mediterranean style lunch.  
Outdoor dining rooms can be assembled as the need arises.

Just like this dining room set up under a tree with lightweight slipcovered wicker chairs, gathered around a linen draped table for a special garden party luncheon.
It can all be broken down and put away easily once the party is over.

How nice though to have a permanent outdoor dining room that is always party ready.
A room like this can be enjoyed almost all year in parts of the country, and with heat lamps in colder climates.
I love those wicker chairs!

More wicker chair love....

...and yet more!
Love those wine stave chandeliers, the pergola and tabletop setting.

Back, full circle to our "under the mulberry tree in Asti" dining room.
The wicker chairs were sourced from Marshalls and provide a lightweight alternative to heavy teak.
The candlelight has been replaced by an outdoor, galvanized electric pendant, so now we can see our food at night!
I can't wait to dine here with family and friends this summer!

I was asked how we deal with mosquitos, which unfortunately plague us at night in the wine country.
I hate to admit it, but we spray repellent on us.
I light citronella candles too, but it is a battle to keep the bugs away.
We fight the mosquitos at night and the wasps during the day.
I guess it's the price of enjoying an alfresco meal!

For more outside dining rooms and alfresco table settings, visit my Pinterest boards, Outdoor Dining and Seating and Alfresco Tablescapes.

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