My Tent Obsession

Our Basta Sole tent bit the dust two years ago and I'm finding myself wishing for a tent in the backyard again.
I miss the romance it brings to our backyard.
I mean, how romantic to dine under a pavilion, right?

Yes, I'm dreaming of a tent again and perusing Pinterest for tent images doesn't help.
This tent from Lonny featuring a backyard dinner party is my absolute favorite.
Where oh where did they find it?

Then there is this image from Elle (Sweden) that features a complete living room!
I love this all-white tent and could see it in my back yard.
But where oh where did they find it?
I'm wondering if there is a secret company that I don't know about that makes tents and gazebos!

We've all seen this tent a million times, but I never tire of it.
I love those green tassels and green bac a orange pots.  
This would work in my back yard too.
I actually know where to find a tent like this, but it is very expensive.

I love the idea of hanging bamboo roll-up shades for extra privacy and light control.

How cool is this?
Now do you see why I'm obsessing about a tent again?

A stripe tent is an option too.
This looks like it is made with Sunbrella's Maxim Cocoa stripe, the same stripe I just had new cushions made in.
But where oh where did this tent come from?

Z Gallerie has a black and white stripe tent that has piqued my interest.
It is reasonably priced--about twice the amount as a tent from Home Depot, Target or Orchard Supply Hardware, and much more interesting.
But, is it too interesting?
I don't want my backyard to look like the circus lives there!

So I went looking for inspiration and found a few examples of black and white stripes looking elegant and not at all circus-y.

From Pottery Barn. 
Similar black wicker furniture as mine.
Not too much black and white stripe, plus the white cushions make it cleaner and easy on the eye.

Then boom.
I found this!
Believe it or not, I'm having my cushions slipcovered in green!
And my furniture is black wicker!

The Portofino Pavilion Tent from Z Gallerie is tempting me!

"Our Portofino Pavilion, exclusive to Z Gallerie, is a great way to entertain outdoors, providing a suitable amount of shade. Large black threaded tassels are suspended from each corner. All four sides may be unzipped to expose the interior. Easy to assemble and disassemble making it a perfect temporary or permanent addition to any backyard or patio."

Can you see it here?
With solid green cushions and a zebra rug?

Obsessed with tents too?
Visit my Pinterest Board, "Pitch A Tent" for more tent ideas.

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