Outdoor Living Room Inspiration

 All winter long, I pinned photos of outdoor living rooms to my Pinterest board, "Outdoor Dining and Seating," because when it's cold outside, I'm daydreaming of the time when we can once again gather together and enjoy the outdoors together.
In comfort!

Well, that time has finally come.
Here are a few of my favorite pins from my winter daydreaming.

 What is the common factor with these photos?
They all mimic real, indoor rooms.
Except that they are outside!
With today's acrylic outdoor fabrics and rugs, you can enjoy another room in your home.
Make that outside your home!

 Even in an urban setting, if you're lucky to have a little slice of a balcony, a beautiful, comfortable and elegant outdoor room can be created.
How cool is that awning?

Here's proof that an outdoor room can be created on the tiniest balcony!

One of my favorite and talented designers, Julio from Beaux Mondes showed us how to do just that when he designed his own outdoor living room with outdoor wicker furniture from World Market.
He accessorized with topiaries and blue porcelain. 
I'm loving his black French doors and black stripe awnings. 
I absolutely love this room and find so much inspiration from this photo.

Not all awnings need to be fabric as this vine covered awning illustrates. 
I love the checkered floor and black stripe fabric.  
The colors of the flowers really stand out!

This room has been seen many times on the internet.
The brown stripe tent and green cushions were my inspiration for my own fabric choices recently.
All the accouterments of an indoor room are in place here, from the lamp to the lantern and all the pillows, rug and plants, making this one of my favorite all time outdoor living rooms.

Here is my outdoor living room from last summer.
We tend to spend a lot of time out here. 

At one time, there was a tent over this area, which I miss.

 There is nothing like a tent to define your outdoor living room.
This room is beautiful, simple and elegant with all white fabrics on black iron and wicker furniture.

Even better than a tent, is a loggia or sheltered area like this room designed by Lynn von Kersting.
It is one of my favorites also.  
Who needs an indoor living room when you can have this!

Do you have an outdoor living room or a special place to sit outside?
I would love to hear about it or even see a photo!

For more outdoor living inspiration, visit my Pinterest board here.

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