On This Harvest Moon

I never tire of seeing a full moon!
I mean, how beautiful was that full moon last night?

It reminded me of a night in Asti last fall when I captured the moon rising above the Mayacama Mountains.

When the full moon is out in Asti, I'm like a kid, running around trying to capture the moon and the evening light.

I call it "night vision!"

If you've been following my blog for a while, you might already know that I love experimenting with night time photography.
I captured the pool house here, using a tripod.

I just love how the camera captures the evening colors....

...and it's fun to peek through the windows into the world inside at night.

There is also something called the "blue hour" that I'm obsessed with too.
See the little corner of blue sky in this photo? That's the blue hour!

The blue hour and the vegetable garden.

Then, there are the sunsets!

I made Mr. A pull over so I could photograph the sunset and fog over the vineyard a mile or two down the road.

But, it's really the moon that intrigues me the most.
A Harvest Moon!
Is there anything more romantic?

Speaking of romantic. For our daughter's wedding a few weeks ago, her brother played this song by Neil Young.
Harvest Moon.
She was raised on it!
Here it is for your viewing pleasure....

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