The Scullery Kitchen

I've always been drawn to rustic, old world scullery kitchens from France and Italy.
However, it would be a pain to actually work in one.
Can you imagine doing dishes in this sink?

There is a fine line between a kitchen with patina and one that has all the modern conveniences.

Joanne Hudson

Campagne Decoration

Materials like stone floors, beamed ceilings, plaster walls and old copper pots lend the look and feel of a scullery kitchen. It's possible to have those elements and have a functional kitchen too.

Open shelving is another element that says "scullery!"

Old French tiles and a designated alcove just for the range.
That's what I'm obsessing about today.

Three months ago, we ordered a new Wolfe range. It's now ready to be delivered, so I'm in the process of preparing for its new home. It will be freestanding, just like the stove above, except the wall will be tiled in white subway tile.

Cote de Texas
In keeping with the scullery kitchen look, I would love to hang copper pots on the wall, like above. Love how the hooks are mounted on an old wood plaque.

It's stage 2 of the kitchen facelift that began in October.
It's going to be a little trickier because the floor will need to be patched and possibly reinforced to hold this behemoth!
Stay tuned.....

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