A New Look For The Sunroom Urns

The four urns on the sunroom ledge were left over from our oldest daughter's wedding ten years ago. It's always a challenge what to put in them that is maintenance free.
The moss balls seemed like a good solution. For a while...

At Christmas, I put poinsettias in them for a seasonal change.

Then I remembered the succulent rings left over from our youngest daughter's wedding this last December.

I put a small plate over the top of the urn to hold the ring, then added a flameless candle, also left over from the wedding.

The candles are from Costco and are the coolest flameless candles ever. They actually are on a timer, so every night at dusk they turn on. I'm not really into flameless candles but they were perfect for the wedding.

The candles are quite realistic. They're real wax, scented with vanilla and actually flicker too!
By combining the leftovers from both daughter's weddings, I think I've finally come up with a maintenance free, beautiful solution for the sunroom ledge.

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