An Alabaster Lamp--Rewired and Refreshed

"Can't you talk?"
This adorable little alabaster lamp was only $5.00 on Ebay. The reason? It needed to be rewired, something I didn't realize until I opened the package.

So I put it in the "Lamps Are Us" cupboard with all the other lamps and lamp parts to await the day I felt like doing a project!
That was over a year ago!

Yesterday, I bought the kit at Home Depot and actually rewired it!

It was quite a simple project, except it was difficult to feed the wire through the narrow passage.
How exciting though when I turned it on and it actually worked!

Isn't it cute? I tried all my different shades on, trying to find the perfect one.

The lamp ended up at the bottom of the stairs for now, but I think eventually it may end up in the granddaughter's bedroom!
What do you think? Not bad for an investment of $10--right?

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