Iceberg Roses Galore

White Iceberg Roses are the most popular white rose ever, and in my opinion, the most perfect rose!

The standard tree version is one of my favorites. I have them planted along the sunroom window and when the window is open, the aroma is wonderful.

The uniformity of all-white roses is very pleasing to my eye. The boxwood hedge keeps them framed and orderly.

Iceberg roses are a lovely companion to the fountain too.

More standard tree roses in front of the window box, newly planted with boxwood.
Cecile Brunner climbing roses are a riot on the garage arbor.

Someone wants to get out and smell the roses!

What makes the Iceberg rose so perfect?
They are prolific bloomers, blooming all summer long. They are also disease resistant, quite hardy and have a soft, sweet fragrance.

In Asti, my Iceberg roses have been left to their own devices, unattended and unpruned, proving just how hardy they are.

They will grow up to 5 feet, forming a hedge if allowed.

Although they aren't the best for cutting bouquets, I do it anyway. Just having them last for one night by my bedside is a special treat!

I'm joining Laurie at Bargain Hunting With Laurie for Favorite Things Saturday.

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