A Field Trip To Flora Grubb

Flora Grubb Gardens has been calling my name for a very long time now, so I was quite pleased when on a whim driving home from the City, I impulsively took an exit and got lost in a part of San Francisco I've never been before.  Google maps directed me to Flora Grubb, thank god!

Flora Grubb specializes in succulents and living walls--perfect for an urban garden.

I'm thinking of creating a living wall of succulents somewhere in the atrium of our new house, or perhaps on the roof deck.

They sell succulent letters, both planted...

...and ready to plant.
Of course the "A" is perfect for us!

You could spell out anything you want with these letters, although they aren't cheap!

There are beautiful stag horn ferns for sale...

...as well as wall pockets ready to be planted for a living wall in your home.

You know how much I love succulents, especially when planted in faux bois planters!

This one is absolutely amazing!

They clearly have fun planting for their displays.
What a great use for an old pedestal sink!

Got an old rusted car in your yard (I hope not!), then plant it with succulents!

Here's an idea.
Take out a board in an old picnic table and plant a runner of succulents down the middle.
Instant centerpiece!

I got a lot of ideas from Flora Grubb and will have to go back when I'm ready to landscape my new City house.
Can't make it to Flora Grubb?  No problem, they have a website.
Click on the logo below for a virtual field trip to the wonderful world of Flora Grubb:

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