From Mustard To Mayo

 After the kitchen cabinets were painted green, I lived with the mustard colored walls for two years--all the while trying to convince myself that it was ok, but knowing that it just wasn't.
I knew that the cabinets and walls were fighting each other but was sort of paralyzed about what to do.

All the woodwork, windows and built-ins are painted such a dark, creamy white so finding a wall color that would contrast with the moulding and yet go with the cabinets proved to be quite challenging.
Until last week when the light bulb went off.  Why not match the wall color to all that creamy woodwork?

So I pulled out a drawer, took it to the paint store and asked them to match it.
And that's how the kitchen and family room went from "mustard to mayo," or from Benjamin Moore "Dijon" to a custom color I have nicknamed "mayonnaise!"
Let's look at some before and after photos, shall we?

Although the dijon color is nice in the family room (I clearly spent some time on the staging) the linen sofas clash with the walls.

 Now the new "mayonnaise" colored walls take backstage to the sofa and green cabinets.

I know the dijon color looks great in this photo, but....

after landscapes look better with the neutral walls.

See what I mean?

In the kitchen, I tried not to let the green and gold combination bug me too much.  Eventually I stopped seeing it altogether. 

Now with the "mayo" walls, the green cabinets are crisper and cleaner.
I like how the white ironstone stands out too.

Before, the white subway tile did contrast nicely with the walls, but looking through the door into the dining room, I never liked how the wallpaper didn't seem to flow.

I've never been a fan of green and gold together!
But I love green and white together.
Or in this case, green and "mayo!"
Doesn't the dining room wallpaper look better now as you view from one room to the other?

I took the brown floral curtains down too.

Oh, how I love those curtains, but...

...the windows look better without, plus it lets in much more needed light.

I knew the kitchen was very dark, but I didn't realize how much it affected my mood until I lightened up the walls, took down the curtains and all those plates!

Can you tell I love my new kitchen?
The only question is, what took so long?

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