Paris Fashion Week With The Fashionistas

The whole point of going to Paris when we did was to be there for Fashion Week.
Although I'm not into fashion and was the least fashionable of the four of us, it was certainly an experience to be there with these two fashionistas!

Kathleen has a popular fashion blog called KatwalkSF, so it made sense that she would pack two gigantic suitcases for the trip.
She was very prepared for all the fashion shows and for photoshoots that Ashley or I took for her blog.
I love this look, day one on the Champs-Elysees.
Very chic!

Kathleen talked Ashley into posing in the Jardin deTuileries for her post on Paris street style.
There's that cape again.  
(From my closet.)

They would meet us in the lobby every night, and it was always exciting to see what they were wearing.

The girls usually attended two or three fashion shows during the day...

...and since my friend Teresa and I couldn't get in, we walked and shopped!

We were able to visit some showrooms though.
This was Ashley's favorite.

I enjoyed the Cacharel showroom and how everything was displayed simply on makeshift plywood tables and racks. 

A model in Cacharel.

Ashley modeling her wicked witch of the west ensemble!

Kathleen the night we ate at La Société in her Trina Turk pants.

 "The Fashionistas" in front of Notre Dame.

Ashley channeling The Monuments Men look!

You never know when there will be an impromptu photoshoot!

There's never a dull moment when traveling with "The Fashionistas." 
For a whole week in Paris, being with these girls made me feel like I was their age again.
Well, almost!

They even have a new name, thanks to a very nice waiter who called them "wicked trendy!"
Perhaps it could be the name of our someday boutique?

Be sure to check out Katheen's blog for more Paris Fashion Week inspiration.
I'm linking up to The Tablescaper for "Oh The Places I've Been"

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