Move Over Canon, There's a New Kid In Town!

 Since so many have asked about my new camera, let me introduce the new Sony Nex-6.
It's smart, sexy and very petite!

 In fact it weighs nothing!
Compared to my old Canon Rebel XTi, it is so much easier to lug around, even without the extra weight of the Tamron lens.  

 It comes with an all purpose lens and has WiFi built in.  
Although I don't know how to use that feature yet, apparently you can send your photos directly to your social media like Facebook, Instagram or your computer.

Let's compare the image quality of the Sony vs. the Canon.
Above, is an unedited photo taken with the Canon.

Same photo was taken with the Sony, also unedited.
I don't see much difference, do you?

The Canon.

The Sony.

The Canon.

The Sony.

The Canon.

The Sony.
Wow, I really cannot tell the difference in quality.

This unedited photo was taken of my dining room using the 16mm F2.8 wide angle lens that I also purchased.  At first I couldn't tell that this lens made much of a difference and was ready to return it.

Then I put the original lens back on and compared.
Hmmm, maybe I'll keep the wide angle and experiment more with it.
This could be fun!

I was so skeptical when I purchased this camera that it would take the same quality photos as a Canon product.  The sales person at Best Buy told me that this is the direction of DSLR cameras and Sony is at the forefront.  I've always been partial to Canon vs. Nikon and never would have given a Sony camera a chance.

Move over Canon, there's a new kid in town!

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