The Books At Boxwood House

"A room without books is like a body without a soul."  ~Cicero
I couldn't agree more.  One can design a room with fabulous wallcoverings, luxurious fabrics and elegant antiques, but if it doesn't contain books, then something is missing.

 When staying at The Boxwood House, I had time to notice all the details in the house.  There are many, but what really stood out were all the books in every room. 

Oh, and glasses!  Every nightstand and side table had a stack of books and a pair of reading glasses.

Many of the books in the dining room are about San Francisco or California and its history.
For those guests visiting from another state or country, this would be fascinating.
I find it fascinating and I live here!

There are books about the 1906 earthquake, books about the gold rush, books about the wine country...

...and books about Abraham Lincoln.
The owners of The Boxwood House are obviously interested in history, both local and American history and have been collecting books for years.

How wonderful to have a place to lovingly display them.

For a home that isn't lived in day to day and used as a vacation rental, the books have given it warmth and also a soul. 

As I wondered around during my stay, noticing all the details of this home, so beautifully decorated and curated, I imagined other guests staying here, enjoying the view, enjoying special events with friends and enjoying life. 
I thought, The Boxwood House truly represents all things home!

"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience:  this is the ideal life."  ~Mark Twain

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