Grandpa's Chair

Grandpa was kind of a big deal in his day, or so the family legend says.
He played football for St. Mary's in 1942 and could have played professional football but instead went on to open his own flower business in San Francisco.
I was always a little afraid of him--he was a big man and he reminded me of The Godfather!
So when I ended up with his chair, there was no way I was going to get rid of it!

This is Grandpa's chair.
For years, it was in my in-law's formal living room, mixing company with a huge Persian rug, a beige sofa and more castle themed furniture.
  I refer to it as "the throne."

Now that my mother-in-law is in a retirement home, there is no longer room for the "throne," so it ended up in our garage along with everything else.

It even comes with an ottoman.
 But no one in the family wants this chair, especially me!  It just doesn't fit into our decor, yet its sentimental value has kept me from taking it to Goodwill.

Until daughter Ashley saw its potential.
"I want Grandpa's chair" she said.
We both agreed it needed reupholstering, particularly in a green velvet.
"Oh, and can it have nailheads too?"

Now Grandpa's chair is right at home in her San Francisco apartment.
It has just the right amount of funkiness and goes perfect with her dark wood paneled living room. 

The chair sets the mood and inspires her to search for accessories like paisley pillows, antlers, vintage maps and prints.
She has Grandma's vintage typewriter already lovingly displayed on the mantel.

The ottoman also got a new look.  I added the nailheads just around the legs only.
A Pottery Barn kilim rug, handed down from me anchors the room and doesn't cover up too much of the dark wood floor.

It is such a darling little apartment and the perfect new home for her Grandpa's chair!

This was the last photo taken of Ashley and her Grandpa, circa 1989
I'd like to think he would be happy and proud that his granddaughter wanted his chair and I'm happy it gets to stay in the family.

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