Getting Waterlogued In California

 We finally got some rain in California which is good, but not good enough, because we're in the middle of a very severe drought.
But who cares, I'm very distracted and obsessed with a new app called, appropriately, Waterlogue.
 I'm "Waterlogueing" every pretty picture on my iPhone, Instagraming them and just having lots of fun creating works of art, just like many friends who are also obsessed.
It's like suddenly I'm an artist!

 All of these "paintings" started out as photos, taken by me with my iPhone believe it or not.
I've experimented with the various filters offered on Waterlogue as well as various photos and discovered that not every photo looks good Waterlogued.

I found that the best results are photos that are a composition like a still life or a landscape.

A bouquet of lavender...
 A cluster of grapes...

 A vase of roses...

 A kitchen window....

 A vista in Asti...
The arbor in Asti...

Somebody stop me!
I'm Waterlogued!

I Waterlogued Oscar...
 Even Mr. A got Waterlogued!
This originally was a very fuzzy photo taken after sundown with an iPhone and the Waterlogue app turned it into a beautiful water color.
I really should have it framed, don't you think?

If you haven't discovered this app yet, you really must check it out.
Go to the app store on your iPhone or iPad (not offered for Droids yet) and download it for $2.99.
Trust me, you'll have a blast pretending to be an artist!

Oh, and I'm still hoping for a waterlogged California!

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