The Ultimate List For 2014: #5 Get More Organized

I could just throw in the towel on this one because I'm organizationally challenged!
But, for 2014 I will once again try and get it together.

I will tackle my pantry so that it will look like this...

...Instead of this!

I will tackle my kitchen junk drawer so that it looks like this...

 ...Instead of this!
We all have the proverbial junk drawer, but I have more than one!

I love the look of an organized cupboard or drawer but it just isn't a reality in our house.
I'd like to think it's because we have too much stuff, but also we have a big family and everything ends up either in the garage or is still in the closets.
It's time to get rid of it all!

Don't judge!
This is what happens when your garage is the dumping ground from your mother-in-law's downsizing, your four grown children's belongings and leftovers from college apartments and your husband's fishing and camping equipment.  Not to mention my problem with rugs and pillows.  And dishes!
It has also become the "staging area" for everything that is being purged from the home until it can be determined whether it is being donated or taken to the dump.

This is my garage goal.
To organize everything on shelving units like this one or similar.
Each shelf will have its own category; fishing, gardening, Christmas, extra dish storage and supplies. 
Nothing in the middle, so all the rolled up rugs must be donated.
I know it can be done and little by little, I'm chipping away at it.

Are you organizationally challenged?
Or unlike me, do you possess the organizing gene?
I welcome any and all tips!

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