Our Last Big Christmas Tree

 This is as far as we got decorating the tree Saturday.
Wasn't it enough to go to the lot, pick it out, put it on the roof of the car and then schlep it inside?
The bag 'o lights from last year were a tangled mess, but I persevered on Sunday, adding them to the tree that we all know may very well be the last big, live tree for this family.

I was just a little bit short with the lights, but no matter, I started to hang the ornaments anyway.
That's the fun part!
Eventually, a random string of lights was located in the garage and I finished the task.

After two cups of coffee, Monday morning the creative process kicked in and I finished decorating the Christmas Tree, 2013--with Oscar's help!
Only to realize that random string of lights from the garage blinks!
I don't care!

 After all the ornaments were hung, I remembered that 50 yard bolt of tartan ribbon from Costco and decided to wrap the tree.  
It wasn't exactly the right sequence but I like the result.

 A new santa to add to the collection...

 Hanging the ornaments alway makes me feel nostalgic.  
Especially this year as we all wonder if this is the last Christmas in this house.
Either way, I'm pretty sure this is the last big Christmas tree!

Will 2014 be the year to downsize?
Smaller house?  Small Christmas tree?

These are big questions, but for now, I'm just happy to get it done for one more year!
Behold:  "Our Last Big Christmas Tree!"

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