The Harvest Wreath

The harvest wreath, a symbol of fertility, growth and celebration has a long history that goes back to ancient Western civilization.
It represents the bounty of the harvest during the autumn months.

Typically, you won't find a wreath hanging on our door until fall.  
That's when I like hang a special harvest wreath, representing the abundance of autumn in all its glory.

This year I found our fall wreath at Uniquely Chic in Healdsburg.
I love it for its wonderful combination of dried hydrangeas, autumn leaves and pomegranates.

To me it says welcome.
"Welcome to our home!"

I'll be sad when I'm forced to replace it during the holidays with an evergreen wreath...
So for now, I'm enjoying this warmly abundant wreath for the remaining autumn months.

I'm linking to Marty at A Stroll Thru Life for Inspire Me Tuesday.

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