Fall Centerpieces

 I've been asked to create a fall centerpiece for a ladies' tea for tomorrow.
The request is for a low centerpiece with colors coordinating with a Provencal tablecloth in shades of yellow, blue and green.

I'm loving the centerpiece above with the contrasting white roses and red leaves.
The silver container gives it an elegant appeal.

This year I'm leaning towards a more subtle fall decor.
This simple urn is an example with its white and green pumpkins, styled by Heather Bullard.
I could do this!

My all-time favorite centerpiece though is this one from Country Living, several years ago.
To me, it screams fall with the tartan container and fall leaves.
Very traditional.

Traditional is probably what these ladies expect.
I've been entertaining the idea of carving out a pumpkin and using it as a container like the centerpiece above.

Depending on the color of the pumpkin, softer flowers like roses and lilies would be traditional, yet unexpected.

I like how hydrangeas are mixed in this pumpkin centerpiece.

This is a fun centerpiece using roses, persimmons and pears all in the same shade of deep gold.
The bark container is a nice contrast.

A low galvanized container with hydrangeas, roses and chrysanthemums is lovely.
I can see three of these down the center of the table.

I can't wait to see what awaits me at the wholesale nursery.
I'm headed there this morning, so wish me luck!
Oh, by the way, which centerpiece is your favorite?

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