Copper Love

Chefs say that a copper pot is the quintessential cookware because of its superior heat conduction.
But is it really worth the price tag?

Until yesterday, I didn't think so.
I just wasn't willing to pay the price.  After all, I'm not a cook!
So, when I saw these copper pots at Homegoods, I couldn't pass them up because the price was unbelievable!

Made by Palm, they are obviously not the same quality as Mauviel copper, but I don't care.
The largest pot was priced at $49, the small sauté pan at $29, and the price for the others was in-between.

I'm enjoying their beauty for now atop the stove, along with all the other cooking utensils and accoutrements.
In due time, they will be broken in and well loved.

Don't you think it looks like a serious cook lives here?

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