Teacher's Pet!

For the past four days, I've been to school!
And my teacher is the one and only Bonnie Broten, Stylist and Field Editor for Meredith Corporation.
I've learned so much from her, just like I did when she styled our home in Asti for Tuscan Style magazine in 2011.
Now she's here because my friend's home was chosen for Country Home, and I got to be her assistant!
Call me the "teacher's pet!"

The photographer chosen for the photoshoot, James Carriere has quite a resume, having photographed for Veranda and Elle Decor to name a few.

While Bonnie and James worked, I tried to just stay out of the way!
Then on to the next room with tabletops to be styled, props to be arranged, cameras to be positioned--it is a "three act play" to create the images we get to see in a magazine.
And it's so much work!

Trust me, this home is absolutely wonderful!
Although I can't reveal any details, I will say it's the home of a dear friend whom I introduced to Bonnie when she was here last.  We took a few scout shots then, and it took two years to be chosen!
I'm so happy for my friend and happy to have my friend Bonnie back in town.
We've had a blast staying up to wee hours of the morning talking design, and I've had a blast learning from the best.

And that's a wrap!

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