A Whole New Look For A Grand Old Lady

This 107 year old lady just got an updated, youthful look.
A new roof and new gutters, plus new paint, dramatically changed the appearance of our home.

The biggest change is the black doors and window sashes.
It's like I put eyeliner on the house!

Here is the BEFORE photo with just two colors on the exterior.
Notice the gutters that don't belong on the house of this age and style...

...and the AFTER photo with darker taupe stucco, black windows and new gutters.
Notice under the eaves are now white--as it should be.







Ok, so there are a few cons to the black paint.
For one, it gets dusty very fast.

It also highlights imperfections like this old French door's glazing.
However, it also frames the view inside.

It's like putting a frame on a piece of art.

You really notice the window coverings now.
I love how the bamboo shades look with the black windows.

I even had them paint the garage doors black.
We are now referring to them as the "black holes" and are always thinking the doors are open.
Painting the eaves white also made such a difference.  
Before they were the same color as the stucco, blending and disappearing.  
Now the architecture of the house is highlighted.

The plants are also highlighted.
 I found myself at Home Depot buying more red geraniums because they really stand out now.

The biggest challenge though with two crews working on the house--five guys on the roof and three guys on ladders, was Oscar.  I think he escaped at least three times a day.  
He's an escape artist and will run away if given the opportunity!

A final shot of the house before with its red roof and old gutters and original paint.

A whole new look for a grand old lady!

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