Wine Country Brocante Finds

 I reader suggested that I offer antiquing tours in the wine country as part of the vacation rental package.
Great idea!
Let me take you on a virtual antique shopping trip!

 From Petaluma, Sebastopol, Santa Rosa, and Healdsburg, I know where all the best antique stores are, and last weekend, I hit them all!

Petaluma has the best concentration of brocante in the wine country.
Stores like Sienna, Chelsea, The French Hen, and Vintage Bank Antiques to name a few.
But I really like Summer Cottage Antiques for their selection of affordable treasures.
In fact, here is my stash from Summer Cottage!

That's where I also
found this repurposed light that I plan to hang over the outdoor table in the breezeway.

Everything I bought was perfect for the vacation rental, and lends a natural collected over time vibe to the cottages that have their fair share of new furniture.

Staging the World Market desk with vintage finds like this globe was my main focus.
But I really wanted to find an old typewriter.  They're everywhere until you want to find one!

I ended up with this one.  
It weighs a ton, being made of cast iron.
It almost took Mr. A's back out carrying it to the car!

I know I'm repeating these photos, but this rusty old chair was not something I considered.  It was sitting outside the antique store.  There were two of them.  I got talked in to buying it and now I am happy I did.  Nothing like a rusted old chair to counter balance the newness of the desk!

I also got talked in to buying the galvanized heart.
Not sure where it will go, but for now, I just set it on top of the dresser.

This painting was hiding behind up high, behind a bunch of stuff. You really have to dig for treasures when antiquing.
I have a weakness for still lifes, especially if it involves grapes.
Grapes belong in the wine country, don't you think?

I couldn't resist this old oil of a St. Bernard.
Mr. A thought I lost my mind, but I'm planning on collecting vintage books about dogs, as well as other dog items.
After all, this is a dog friendly rental!

Mr. A had to have this deer rack, found at Healdsburg Classics Antiques.
It is enormous and I thought a bit much, but guess what?

I found a place for it outside on the porch!

Right next door to Summer Cottage Antiques is Vintage Style.
Dean has an eclectic collection of merchandise, both new and old.
We considered this mirror, but bought the red compass instead.

It sure gussied up this wall.
I can see it in a boy's room or family room too.

We're planning another shopping trip again this weekend.
I can't wait to see what treasures we unearth!
Brocante in the Wine Country!

Thanks for coming with me on this virtual shopping trip.
Let's do it for real sometime!
Call me!

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