Threshold At Target

 Curiosity got the better of me after seeing so many ads about Threshold at Target.
So, with great expectations, I decided to check out their new line of merchandise.

 The name "Threshold" alone conjures up images of home to me, particularly a home with a rustic and natural vibe.

Although there wasn't a lot of Threshold merchandise at my local Target, what was there is indeed rustic. 

 Natural beeswax candles...

Faux lavender in burlap wrapped pots....

 Natural wood candlesticks...

Natural wooden clock...

And a galvanized metal clock!

 Target has always had their share of fabulous lampshades.

There is a small collection of furniture too for the Threshold line.
Frankly, I thought there would be more products, and that they would all be concentrated together.
I came home and explored the Target website to see what was missing at my local store.

Turns out, there is a whole bunch more online.
I just explored the "kitchen and dining" category and was pleasantly surprised.
Here are my picks, starting with a white porcelain covered brie dish.

 I seriously need about a dozen of these refrigerator jars for leftovers.
At $7.99, they are a bargain.

Yum is the word for this set of 4 dessert plates.

This plaid ice bucket is a no brainer for me!

Why do I just love stuff like this?

And this?
Seriously, what is it about white porcelain with words.
Gets me every time!

 I love this colorful set of melamine dishes.
They're perfect for summer meals.

 You can never have too many trays!


Bringing it all together...
"Natural wood, galvanized steel and a touch of watercolor"...yes this space does say urban farm!

Check out your local Target for Threshold products or just go online here.

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