SHED, A Modern Grange

If you are old enough to remember the value of a local grange, where people in the community could meet, gather and share ideas, then you will understand the concept behind the newest business in town called SHED.
SHED is a market, cafe and gathering place.
A modern grange, if you will.

SHED opened their doors last weekend in Healdsburg, and we were there to check it out.
Even if you don't plan on visiting Healdsburg any time soon, it is still a very inspirational concept of celebrating local farmers, local food, sustainability, and the agrarian lifestyle that I feel can work anywhere.

The local newspaper, The Press Decomcrat said this about SHED:
"To get an idea of its scope, imagine retail icon Williams-Sonoma rubbing shoulders with the Chez Panisse Cafe, while Smith & Hawken digs into the compost pile with Dean & DeLuca."

As soon as we walked in, we just stood there taking it all in.
You have your produce area which is all local and organic, lovingly displayed in wicker baskets.

Rice, grains and beans in bulk... well as other products, locally produced and on display.

I fell in love with this marble topped table.  Not sure what it was there for or even if it is for sale, but it rocked my world!

Lovely, local flowers for sale...

There is even a whole section dedicated to bees, honey and beekeeping.

There is another area dedicated to the art of food preparation, offering wonderful culinary items for sale.
I love these Mason Cash bowls.

The art of fermentation is indeed a lost art, that is essential to food preservation.
In fact, SHED has a fermentation bar, offering wines, beers, hard ciders, kombuchas and natural sodas on tap.

The cafe looks amazing too!
Its open kitchen and wood burning oven offers food prepared from local farmers with the menu changing daily.

In the back of SHED is a whole area dedicated to gardening and farming.

Seeds are available for planting your garden, and these aren't just ordinary seeds, they're non-GMO and  
heirloom seeds.

The passion here is contagious.  
Their goal is to "inspire, educate, engage and delight."
SHED is a community resource for learning, offering talks and seminars by authors and artists on the craft of gardening, farming and sustainable living.

This is something that interests me immensely. 
The idea of growing and preserving your own food. 
Eating what is in season and organically.
And "eating your view!"
Which means, eat local.

(SHED photo)
It's so nice to have a modern grange in our community that supports these concepts. 
I hope that SHED is successful and it inspires other businesses like this too.
Maybe in your area!

For more information about SHED, visit their beautiful website here.

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