Little Brown Jugs

 Since lilac season lasts about a hot minute, I am taking advantage of this time to thoroughly enjoy their beauty and scent.

So with my collection of little brown jugs in mind, I clipped enough lilacs to enjoy them inside.

 At first, I put the little brown jugs on the kitchen window sill....

Until I moved them to the dining room table....

Where they look wonderful, but I want to see and smell them all the time.
So, I moved them again.

To the family room mantel....

Eventually they ended up on the kitchen table....

Where they accompany my newest treasure.
I found this wooden pedestal in Charleston and hand carried it home.

It takes center stage, highlighting one of my found bird's nests.

I'm loving how the little brown jugs of lilacs play a supporting role.

And we get to enjoy the tablescape and their heady scent for just a couple more hot minutes!

Literally, 24 hours later, they wilted, even with plenty of water.
Does anyone have a secret to preserving cut lilacs longer that a day or two inside?

I'm joining Kim at Savvy Southern Style for Wow Us Wednesdays.

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