Spring Cleaning In 30 Seconds!

 Last week, my friend Martin and I tackled the grungy brick and teak furniture in the back yard with a power washer and a product called 30 Seconds.

This stuff is amazing!

 Right before your eyes, teak goes from gray to brown, literally eliminating all the mildew and mold, restoring the wood to its original color.

 Since we haven't power washed the brick in two years, it was really a mess.
 Martin first power washed it.

What a difference!

For the stubborn areas, we sprayed 30 Seconds.
It took a couple of tries, but eventually the brick came clean.

 My son thought we got a new teak set!

 These stairs were really black.  And slippery.
I'm asking myself why don't we do this every year, because I just love clean brick!

So does Oscar!
And there you have it, spring cleaning in 30 Seconds!

30 Seconds is available at Home Depot, Ace Hardware, Sears, Lowes, Bed Bath and Beyond.
Just about every home improvement store!
Or you can order it from their website here.

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