The Winter Porch

 In early December, I went to the wholesale nursery for seasonal plants to decorate our home and side porch for Christmas.
I came home with this little ivy settee that had space to add your potted plants of choice.

 I added narcissus and 6 weeks later, they are still blooming strong.

 For the window boxes, I found rosemary topiaries and red cyclamen, which was fine for Christmas, but now, not so much.

 White cyclamen would have been better for the duration, but what do I do about the topiaries?
Do they scream Christmas?
Can I shape them in to balls?

 I'll admit, the view from the sunroom has been nice.
A real cure for the winter blahs.

 But I think if I had it to do over, I would have put white narcissus between the topiaries and white cyclamen in the ivy settee.

Actually, if those cyclamen were pink...
It's all a moot point as the Winter Porch will soon morph in to the Spring Porch with new plants like pansies, daffodils and tulips!

Happy February!
Aren't you just counting the days until spring?

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