59 Is The New 60, And What I Know For Sure

The thing about turning 59 is that you might as well just get it over with and be 60 already!
Seriously, the whole year will be in anticipation of the big six. oh.
Answering questions like, "What are you going to do for your sixtieth?"
Realizing that you can't fake it anymore, you're "a woman of a certain age."
But hey, it sure beats the alternative!  Right?

So at the risk of sounding like Oprah, here is what I know for sure:

For all you younger people, be thankful that you are 49 still, or 39, or even 29 and stop trying to turn back the clock in an attempt to preserve youth.  You are as young as you will ever be right now.
Embrace it!

I have earned every line and wrinkle on my face!
Laughing with friends and family or frowning when times are bad, even enjoying basking in the sun in my youth, all resulted in a certain facial patina.
Accept it!

I tell myself that if I weighed the same as I did on my wedding day, I would look sick!
They say you put on a pound for every year of your marriage.

It feels good to slow down.  
To stop and smell the roses.
 In my youth, that was just a saying, now it's a reality.  I really do stop and smell the roses.
And oh, how wonderful their scent!

Friends come and go, but at this age, my friends are like family.
If they have hung in there with me and I with them, then they are here to stay.
Cherish them!

My father-in-law, who was orphaned as a child used to say, "All you have is your family."
He was right.  At this age, it's wonderful to see our family expand as our children grow up, marry and have children of their own.  I'm truly grateful!
Ah, the gift of grandchildren.  Who knew it could be this wonderful?

 Life has a way of surprising us with both wonderful and tragic events.
It takes a long time to realize that we aren't really in control, only how we control how we react to life's surprises.
Be courageous!

The world is becoming scarier and scarier, although I suspect previous generations lamented the same thing.
It can be hard to keep up with the ever changing world, the politics, the technology, social issues, etc., but I try.  I don't want to become a dinosaur!
Stay open!

And finally:
Appreciate the age you are now because 20 years from now, you'll look back at 59 and realize just how young you still were!

A special Happy Birthday wish to my BFF and "twin from another mother."
Look how young we were at 50, thinking we were old! 
Ha, the joke was on us!

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