Making A Statement With Napkin Rings

I don't always use napkin rings with my tablescapes, but when I do, I like to make a statement.
The napkin rings above are from Lucullus...

...and were my inspiration for a tablescape I did last year, using both "Monsieur" and "Madame" napkin rings found on One Kings Lane.

Silver napkin rings are highly collectible and I think they look great when mixed and matched.

Paris Hotel Boutique
Like these from Paris Hotel Boutique, which definitely make a statement.

Napkin rings don't have to be sterling silver to make a statement.
Here, I used hand made wooden rings found on Etsy for a rustic tablescape.

Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren's table setting used an equestrian style leather napkin ring.

For a tablescape I did last year for Tartan Week, I took a plain pewter napkin ring and glued a tartan ribbon, hoping to replicate a tartanware napkin ring.

Like these! 
 They are on my collectible list, but unfortunately are way to expensive for me.
Still, I keep looking for a deal.

It's all in the presentation.  
A simple wicker napkin ring can be embellished with a red rose...

...or even a fishing fly!

Don't have a napkin ring?  Tie the napkin with twine!
For a tablesetting I did for our book club, I used twine around the written word.

Joss & Main
Last, but not least, my newest napkin rings.
Simple, clean, but still making a statement.
And that's the point!

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