Antiquing In New Orleans: Kevin Stone Antiques

 Day two in New Orleans, we headed to Magazine Street for some more antiquing. 
With the 81 degree temperature and dragging along my 26 year old daughter and her friend, we weren't feeling the love.
That's until we met Kevin Stone of Kevin Stone Antiques!

 Not only does he have a fabulous store of amazing antiques, he knows New Orleans inside and out.
We found out where to go and what to do.

 He talked us in to canceling our reservation at August, the only restaurant I was determined to go to, and eat at a tiny little Italian restaurant instead called The Italian Barrel.
"I would crawl across broken glass for their pumpkin raviolis!"
Kat couldn't change reservations fast enough on her iPhone!

 While the girls and my friend Teresa picked Mr. Stone's brain, I shopped...

Way in the back, in the corner, these two Black Forest framed prints called my name!

Be still my heart!
  Look at the detail on these frames!

While I was trying to decide which one, Teresa told me to buy them both.
Kevin Stone gave me a great price, so I did!
I couldn't give him my credit card fast enough!

"Shop Like You Mean It!"

Kevin Stone Antiques and Interiors
3420 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA
(You can also find Kevin Stone on 1stdibs, here.) 

Oh, and BTW, the pumpkin raviolis were amazing!

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