The 2012 Christmas Tree(s)

 The 2012 Christmas Tree!

 After days of searching for the Christmas lights, I finally remembered that we threw them all away last year when we took down the tree!  Really?  We did?
They say how a person deals with tangled Christmas tree lights tells a lot about them.
Don't judge!

So, off I went to OSH for lights.
Not only were they all 30% off, but practically everything was, including these little red lanterns.
I bought five to tuck in to the tree.  Battery operated votives keep the house from burning down!

This year, I used the same burlap ribbon that I used on the outside garland to circle the tree.

Not as many ornaments as previous years, just my precious Santa collection...

... and a few chosen ornaments, like this new tartan star from JoAnn's Fabrics.

And this old one that I "love!"

This is the first year I decorated the whole tree by myself.
Usually Mr. A puts the lights on, but I couldn't wait another week for his schedule to clear up!
It is definitely a man's job, and I did a crummy job.

But made up for it with the decorations?

 The family room got a little tree which I decorated with family photo ornaments.

 I started this tradition over five years ago.

 As I was hanging the ornaments, I realized that they need updating.
We have grandchildren now and two sons-in-law!

 With all our photos imprisoned on the computer, it isn't easy to get hard copies.
That will be a project before Christmas Day.

 Costco used to carry these ornaments years ago, and I'm sorry they discontinued them.
Photo ornaments are hard to find!

It feels good to get the trees decorated.
I'm not sure they are worthy of entering them in Tartanscot's contest though!

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