Dogs Love Christmas!

I'm convinced that dogs love Christmas too.
I know Dexter did.  

He loved being in the middle of it all, especially when we unwrapped our gifts!

Of course, he had a tartan vest that he wore proudly when we went Christmas shopping.
Yes, Christmas makes me think of Dexter...

Country Home
I've found myself wishing for a puppy under the tree lately!
Thank goodness, Pinterest has a plethora of Christmas dog photos to satisfy my urge to rush out and get a dog!
Just look how happy this dog looks with his red bow?

My all time favorite!
He looks so proud and handsome in his hand-made scarf.

Dog Bless You
The three wise dogs!
Sorry, I can't help myself!

Why do I torture myself with these darling Christmas dogs?

Grand Rapids Press
Look how much the dogs love Santa!
Who knows, maybe Santa will surprise me!

 It's a good thing I've got Bear for the holidays while his mom and dad spend Christmas in Wales.
He doesn't mind wearing a tartan collar either!

I'm convinced dogs love Christmas, don't you?

Traditional Home
Missing my "best friend" this holiday season...

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