Well Preserved

 Our daughter and son-in-law have been busy making jams, jellies, salsa and pickles from our grapes and tomatoes.  
I decided to display the fruits of their labor on the open shelving in our Asti kitchen.

 There is something so satisfying seeing the jars on display, like a real farmhouse kitchen.

So with the addition of the jars, came the opportunity to restyle and generally clean up the shelves.
They were a mess from Thanksgiving and from lack of attention!

 This wooden cart, a recent find from OKL found a home in the wine country!

 The right corner of the kitchen....

 ....the left corner of the kitchen!

 Since I'm at it, might as well restyle the dining room table.
Nothing special, just an antique wine cask waiting for a bunch of olive branches.

 Nothing has changed on the hutch.
I just love these plates though and had to capture this vignette!

It really is time to restyle the hutch, don't you think?
But when something works, why change it?

It all started with a bunch of jars, aka "a can of worms!"
A big thanks to my daughter and son-in-law for all their hard work putting up our produce as well as their own.

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