The Fixer Upper

Have you ever fantasized about buying a fixer-upper to renovate?
I certainly have!  
So when a "friend of a friend" mentioned that he had found a wine country retreat in our neighborhood, we drove by for a look-see.

Although we have driven by this house a million times, we had no idea that it was abandoned, and as neglected as it is.  It seems like no one has lived here for at least 10 years.  
I don't know the story on this house, but Mr. A and I were imagining all sorts of stories, even wondering if it is haunted!

A craftsman, built in the early 20's it felt like old, rural California, harking back to a time long ago when the road in front was probably a gravel country road.

Trying to take a photo of the interior, I discovered the view in the window's reflection.

This is what the front porch looks out to.  A beautiful vineyard!
Although the house sits very close to the road, I imagined a picket fence and arbor with a lawn and boxwood!

Inside, the house looks like it hasn't been touched, ever.
All the moldings are original redwood.  The floor plan looks great and the possibilities are endless.

If only these walls could talk!
It's almost like the house is embarrassed by her condition, begging to be loved again.

The original kitchen.
Oh my....

The best part of the kitchen:  this wood burning stove.

Although we couldn't go inside, we could see that this is one heck of a project.
It would be a shame to tear the house down and build a new one though.

However, looking at the crumbling exterior, it would be a huge undertaking.

I thought about how many times I have read magazine articles about a house in such a bad state of repair, abandoned and neglected, only to be bought by someone with a vision, willing to restore it!

The ultimate before and after article that makes me want to buy a fixer-upper!

That's why I took so many photos.
If my "friend of a friend" actually buys this, I know he will lovingly restore it.

With all the surrounding property, barns and outbuildings, this could be his forever home.

I'm going to wait and see what happens to this wonderful old house and keep you posted.
Hopefully, someday I can show the "after" photos!

What do you think?
Is this a fixer-upper or a money pit?
Are you brave enough to take on a project like this if you had a chance?

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