Good News And Bad News

The good news is that after waiting for 3 months for the new living room curtains, they finally came in.
I couldn't wait to pick them up from Calico Corners.

I'm very happy with them and love how the Ralph Lauren linen fabric looks next to the grasscloth walls.

I love the simplicity of the red stripe and how it picks up the red paisley on the chairs.

They even got the header right!
I always use this gathered, smocked header for all my curtains.

So what's the bad news you ask?
Well, apparently, they thought I only wanted four panels instead of four pairs for four windows.

Now I need four more panels!
But, will they be able to match the original four?
Will the dye lot be the same?
Will they get the header right?
I ended up sending one panel back to the workroom to be used as a template.
Fingers crossed that in four weeks, the living room will be finished--just in time for Christmas.

(Note to self:  always check, re-check and double check the work order!)

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