Show And Tell: What A Crock!

 The minute I saw these crocks, I didn't hesitate.  Why?  Because they were in a resell consignment store and I knew they would be a deal. 
Turns out, they were a killer deal!




All three crocks for $80.  
Inside each crock was an individual tag for $89 each.
It seems the person who consigned them just wanted to get rid of them.

 They join my growing collection of ironstone and crockery like this butter crock, sans lid, which I picked up for $5.

 And this butter crock with lid, which I paid too much for...

 And this tiny "horseradish" pot that I found on eBay.

For now, the three crocks live in the one cabinet that I removed the doors from.
Oh, and by the way, do you know what sago is?
I didn't!
It's a flour-like thickener made from palm leaves.

The thrifting bug bit me hard this month!
So stay tuned for more show and tell.

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