Copper Pot Love

I've long since admired a copper pot collection.
Seeing them hanging on a wall...

Velvet and Linen
 ...or gathered together on a shelf makes my heart skip a beat!

A staple in French kitchens, Julia Child to Martha Stewart have their collection of copper, but for some reason, I just couldn't bite the bullet and make my first copper purchase.  
 Maybe because I don't know anything about copper cookware.

Do I want to cook with it?  Or just collect and display it?
The new copper cookware at Williams-Sonoma is gorgeous and pricey, and the older copper in antique stores with patina is more reasonable.
But is it practical?

Either way, it required an investment.
This is why I just couldn't commit to another collection!

So, imagine my delight when a houseguest surprised me with this large copper pot as a thank you gift! 
I don't know how he knew that I was contemplating collecting copper cookware, but somehow, he knew!

  Behold, my first copper pot!  
I have the feeling it's the beginning of a collection that will be a lifelong obsession!
Thank you Paul!

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