Back To School Thoughts

It's that time again.
Summer is coming to an end and fall is in the air.
It's time to go back to school!

The first day of school always made me anxious.
Which friends would be in my class?  Would I like the new teacher?
Did I pick the right outfit for the first day?
What if I missed the bus?

Would the classes be too hard?
Especially math!  Oh, how I hated math!

Thankfully, those days are long gone!

 As a parent, I helped pick out the right outfits, bought the school supplies and drove my nervous kids to school, telling them that it is going to be a fabulous year! 
I was really excited for them! 

I realized when I saw the "back to school" sign in front of the high school that this is the first fall in 30 years that I don't have a child to take to school or move in to college.
And it feels pretty good!

It also feels really weird!

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