Getting Organized in the Kitchen

Pottery Barn
I've never been a particularly organized person, but I aspire to be.
Since the kitchen remodel, I've been more motivated to finally organize our kitchen in a way that is functional and stylish.
So when I saw these condiment crocks at Pottery Barn yesterday, I didn't hesitate!  I knew they would look great in the new refrigerator and provide stylish storage too.  Plus, they can go from refrigerator to picnic table for a summer barbecue! 

There's nothing like having a refrigerator where half of our food is visible to motivate me even more to keep a larder that is pleasing to the eye.

Kathysue from Good Life of Design calls in "Fridgescaping!"

I already had this porcelain egg holder...

And I found this vintage vegetable container in February and bought it for the new refrigerator.

The drawer below the glass door holds the produce though.  It has its own temperature control and keeps everything fresh because of the humidity.

Still, I like the vegetable pan for holding random items.

 Lately, I've been spending too much time on Ebay looking for vintage refrigerator containers.
I'm currently stalking this one...

...and I won this butter dish recently with the embossed cow on the lid.

I'm looking for a vintage two quart juice carafe with a lid for orange juice or lemonade.
I know, this could be borderline obsessive, but I'll stop myself before it gets too out of hand!

Pottery Barn
I found these two ceramic holders at Pottery Barn to hold the most used utensils on top of the stove.

 I love the crackle finish on these! 

The galvanized tray holds a selection of salt, vinegar, herbs and our own olive oil.

Across the room, I corralled like minded white ironstone and enamelware in a basket tray.
This has become the morning coffee and breakfast prep area.  The coffee is in the "flour" canister though, so am looking for one that says "coffee."  

Getting organized for the first time in my life is easier now that we are empty nesters.
That was the problem before, things got misplaced and were never put back where they should be.
It's a good feeling to have everything in its place and a place for everything.
And, it's pleasing to the eye.

Let's just see how long it lasts!
That recent college graduate of ours is coming home soon....

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