Climbing New Dawn Rose In All Its Glory

The climbing New Dawn rose is in all its glory right now.
I planted one on each side of the arbor about 8 years ago, replacing a trumpet vine that could never compare to the beauty of this wonderful rose.

 This rose is a prolific bloomer and repeat performer with a sweet scent that permeates the air in the evening.  

 Add disease resistant to the list, and you pretty much have a perfect climbing rose.

 Except for the thorns--as you can see, they're brutal!  
You have to be very careful when cutting bouquets or pruning them back in the winter.

 This year, the roses have grown so heavy that they're threatening to collapse the arbor, which is starting to rot at the base.  
 I don't know what I'll do if it falls over!

If you are wondering what climbing rose to plant, I highly recommend New Dawn.
I know there are others too that compare, but seriously, how can you resist the beauty of this perfect rose!
Just make sure if you plant one, that there is plenty of support!

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