Timeless Tole Trays?

I used to have a large collection of tole trays. Over the years though, I've narrowed the collection down to just a few that I can't part with.

Most of them are in the laundry room because I'm ambivalent about them these days.
Although I can't part with them, I'm still not willing to display them everywhere like I did years ago.

The laundry room seems like a logical place for them.
It still has that French Country/Shabby Chic vibe that I was all about when we first bought the house.

So when I saw this beauty at the flea market recently, I was tempted.
But passed it up. Ten years ago, I would have bought it!

There is a dealer at the Hillsborough Antique Show who specializes in tole trays.
It used to be one of my favorite booths, but these days, I walk on by.
Still, they take my breath away. Especially the black trays.

I love red tole trays too. But they were always a little harder to find.

A wall of random colored trays is an example of how tole trays can be really good, or really bad.
The soft green trays are gorgeous.

I still like a grouping of tole trays on a wall, or just one standing alone as an accent.

So my question is, are tole trays too grandma?
Or are they timeless?

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