Sunday Morning In The Garden

What a glorious, spring day yesterday! We spent our Easter morning in the garden drinking coffee and enjoying the warm air, blossoms and sweet scent of the pink jasmine.

Mr. A even brought out the cushions from storage so we could soak up the sun.

This is my favorite time of year when the garden looks its best.

In a few weeks, the Cecile Brunner roses will be blooming, covering the arbor, aka the "tunnel of love."
I can't wait!

I spy some lilac blossoms!
Why didn't I plant more than one lilac bush?

Bear is suspicious that a certain Easter bunny has been in his yard.
He has already found a few eggs laying around!

Yay, Reese found them all! (With Papa's help!)
Have a wonderful week! I know this weather won't last....

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