Connecting Spaces

"Halls, corridors, and stairs are a bit like what underwear is to an outfit - the structural core that sets the "shape" and tone for the rest of the house." ~ Kelly Hoppen

That quote got me thinking about those rooms or spaces that serve to connect our living areas.
Obviously, the entry is very important in setting the tone for our homes. That is if it has an entry.

We lived in a home once where you walked directly into the living room.
It really bugged me. There was no transition area.

This entry is more than a transition area. It is a room/hallway/entry, connecting the living room on one end and the stairs to the second level.

But less obvious, are the hallways that connect our living areas.
We put so much emphasis on decorating the rooms we live, eat and sleep it, that we take for granted the hallways that connect the spaces where we live. They are also opportunities for expression; displayed family photos or collected art.

This hard working hallway has it all. Beautiful runner, window seats, storage and bookshelves.
This is, in my opinion, the ultimate transition space!

The upstairs hallway in our home works hard as a transition area to connect the old house, ca. 1906 to the new addition, ca. 1993.

From here, you can see the landing that leads to the master bedroom, which was added on.
I chose to make a statement with apple green walls, leopard carpet and vintage oil paintings.

This part of the upstairs landing is in the old part of the house, opposite, connecting bedrooms, bathroom and reading room.

Another view.
The piece of furniture I put here holds the kid's photos, soccer trophies and other souvenirs on display in this common area.

Looking down the stairs.
I can see that the stairway, entry and hallway are truly the "structural core" to our home.
I have never thought about this being the "underwear" to our house, but when you break it down, it makes sense.

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