Moving Right Along

Moving right along with the kitchen remodel after several weeks of no activity, Bob the Cabinet Maker came yesterday with new doors and drawers.

This is the original wall where the Viking double ovens were.
Don't you just love our technique for keeping the door closed?
They were replaced 3 times, and each time the doors torqued.

When the ovens stopped heating, the decision was made to rip them out and get a range.
Here is the hole in the wall where they were, plus a drawer below.
I was second guessing my decision at this point. The right side of the opening was raw and uneven. How would it ever look the way I envisioned?

He removed the drawer and rebuilt the right side, complete with the beaded edge that all the cabinets have.

Today, he will build the shelves and install the double cabinet doors.
Then I can put away all my pots and pans that have been sitting out for weeks.

We also got a new drawer and bin where the trash compactor was.
Once it is painted, you will never know there was a "patch job."

This is the sample of the cabinet color.
I can hardly wait!

I want to thank you all for your kind words and notes of sympathy about Dexter.
It has been a really sad time for our family and your thoughts, prayers and poems have been very comforting.
Thank You.

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