Garage Door Inspiration, Carriage Style

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My friend Jane needs to replace her garage door. So for the last week, we have been doing the field research: taking note of every garage door that we like or dislike on our morning walk.

Carriage House Door Co.
The door above is exactly the door she wants.
Double row of windows, simple recessed panels.
It is what I would buy too, if I were in the market to replace my door.

Called a carriage style garage door, there are many variations, like this one with black hardware and more panels.
But she is adamant about no hardware and just a simple, clean panel.

Garage doors are so often overlooked, but in my opinion, they can make or break your home's curb appeal.

Especially when your garage is one of the first things you see from the street.
Here in California, that is often the case with homes built on small lots. The garage can be 80% of the facade!

That's when a pergola and a carriage style door can make a major difference.

Amarr Garage Doors
Although this carriage style door is a bit too busy for me, I like how the vines soften the whole effect.

Just look at the difference a carriage style door makes here.
Although, I would have painted the entire door white.

Stained doors are a handsome choice and blend nicely with the shingles on this cottage.
I could also see a white door here too.

Just like here. I love how crisp the carriage doors look with the shingled house.
I also like the hardware. If I were to get new garage doors, I would want hardware.
To me, it's what makes it look like a true old fashioned door.

So here are my garage doors. A double and a single.
What saves it are the pillars and the pergola.
I can't help imagine how much better it all would look with carriage style doors though.

Here is a sketch of how it would look!
With the kitchen remodel still in progress, it won't be happening any time soon though, if ever!
I'll just have to live vicariously through Jane. I promise to show before and after photos!

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