Purple Inspiration, Pinterest Style

I always relate the color purple to the month of February
After all, purple is the color of amethyst, February's birthstone.
That being said, I'm "opening the door" on purple inspiration, Pinterest style!

A purple tablescape!

Purple wine hock from my hutch.

My favorite mulberry transferware!

Purple sweet peas from my garden.

Lilacs from my garden!

A purple bathtub?
Why not!?

How about a mulberry colored stove and backsplash!
Oh so pretty, but I'm not that brave!

I do love this pretty purple and pink floral chandy though.

An amethyst rock from South Africa. Gorgeous!

I love this vintage amethyst ring.

Purple. Such a gorgeous color.
Such a brave color. I used to be afraid of it, and still don't wear it.
But I do love to create tablescapes with purple dishes and glassware.
And of course, flowers in the garden. Purple hydrangeas, lavender, sweet peas and lilacs are a must.
Oh, and I love amethyst jewelry!

How do you feel about purple?

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