Design Confidence

"People are terrified of their own taste. They think they're going to do something wrong. So they would prefer to replicate something they have already seen instead of creating something of they're own that's fluid and organic." ~ Michael S. Smith

Cote de Texas
When I first saw this backsplash, I thought "how beautiful, how original, how brave!"
Imagine the courage it took to say, "I want a map of Paris behind my stove!"
I don't think I'm that brave. But the quote by Michael S. Smith made me think of all the design choices I've made that weren't exactly popular or trendy, but I just knew it was what I wanted anyway.

Still, it's easy to doubt your design decisions for fear of making a costly mistake.
Five years ago, I just had to add bullion fringe to my sofa. When I couldn't find what I wanted anywhere, the sales person told me that it's because no one uses bullion fringe anymore.
It's funny, that's when I became more confident in my decision to add the fringe!

Although not an original idea, when I had a leopard runner installed on the stairs, I'll admit it took some design courage. No one that I knew had leopard carpeting. Yet.
I have never regretted my decision, even though it might be too cliché now.

Know what you love and embrace it, even if it's not trendy.
I still love majolica, even though you rarely see it featured in magazines and blogs anymore.
It's easy to have self doubt with all the bloggers out there and their influence.
Not to mention Pinterest!

So if you're afraid to paint your walls a color that you love, or not feeling brave enough to create the home that reflects your unique style, just do it anyway! Don't listen to others....
Be brave. Be creative.
"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes..." ~Scott Adams

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