The Butler's Pantry

This post is for all you dishaholics who came out last week.
Admitting we have a problem is Step One, so this post is about the art of display and storage of our "problem."

If you don't have a butler's pantry to store your dishes, then you are probably dreaming of one.

A separate room to store it all would be my idea of heaven!

I would even be happy with a full length cabinet like the one above in my garage!

Butlers Pantry traditional kitchen
Just having a little niche or room! Many readers wrote that they were thinking of turning a spare bedroom into a storage area.

Pantry traditional kitchen
Storage is definitely a problem for us dishaholics!

Reading everyone's comments about their dish obsession and lack of storage space made me realize that I might have a solution right under my nose.
My laundry room!

A butler's pantry/laundry room!
All that needs to be done is to clear out the junk behind those cabinet doors!
Craft stuff, vases, old candles, pots, etc. and organize the cupboards with dishes.
I'm tempted to remove the doors though so that the dishes can be seen and appreciated.
That, or maybe put glass in them.

What do you think? Is it weird to have a washer and dryer in your butler's pantry?

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