Birdhouse Love

My Dad's hobby was making birdhouses. He used to surprise me with his little creations, like the one above. In fact, one day in the spring of 2001, he visited me and gave me his entire collection of birdhouses that he had been making in his workshop.

I think he knew he didn't have much time left and he wanted me to have them.

For twelve years, the entire birdhouse collection has been stored in the garage.

Except for one, a bird feeder that he mounted on a pole in my backyard that day.
A few weeks later, he passed away.
I haven't touched it since.

After nearly 12 years of weathering the elements, there is not much left of it.
Still, I can't take it down.

But somebody did.
Little did I know that our new son-in-law took it down and completely rebuilt it!
On Saturday, he surprised me with the same bird feeder that my Dad made, completely reconstructed and preserved for hopefully another 12 years.

I feel like my Dad is "up there" with a big grin on his face!
He would have loved our son-in-law.
I know I sure do!

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